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Bruges Tobacco Newsletter

Important Information
our principles Print

We don't ship tobacco or Cigarettes to the UK.
As it is not allowed in the EU, we can't send any cigarettes or tobacco's by post, even not small quantities.

Payement :

We accept Cash EURO, Cash £ Stirling, Master Card, Visa, Maestro!


Try to pay with English Pounds
All our prices on our website/shops are in Pounds, if paying in Euro's, you loose always on the exchange rate.

Don't pay by Creditcard
If you pay by card then we have to charge you the offical Europrice which is printed on the packet. Your bank will convert the Euro's back into pounds, and that's were you loose again a bit on the exchange. We advice you to bring plenty of cash Sterling with you when you do your channel shopping.

We accept: Pounds, Euros and all mayor credit cards

NOTE: If paying by card, we need the passportnumber of the cardholder.

Large orders:
For large orders, phone to shop 1 and ask to make it for you as convenient as possible.
Correct service  at the right price, only with us!

Online orders:
At our online shop you can select all your products you need simply by adding them to your cart.
The total price of your selection can be vieuwed at all times.
Save time by submitting your order so that your products will be ready to pick up at the shop of your choice.
All orders must be picked up in one of our shops and payed in full.
All order placed on the site, that aren't picked up within 24 Hours of the date of pick up                             will be discarded !!! (eception when you inform the shop in due time with the new pick up date !!! )


What Can You Buy Print

Travelling within the European Union (EU)

You can bring an unlimited amount of most

goods into the UK, for example, you can bring in

any alcohol, tobacco, meat and dairy products

– as long as they are for your own use and

transported by you. ‘Own use’ means for your

own consumption or gifts.

Customs is likely to ask you questions if you have more than:

800 cigarettes

200 cigars

400 cigarillos

1kg tobacco